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One second to your account

0 handling fee

Safety and no Worries

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One second to your account

Use RMB to buy bitcoin directly. The seller confirms the payment automatically, the buyer no need to wait, and the Bitcoin go to the account in one second.

0 handling fee

 Buy or sell (withdraw) Bitcoin, all free of charge.

Safety and no Worries

The platform uniformly manages the public key and the private key of the Bitcoin wallet address, and replaces it with the 6-digit payment password, which is easy to remember, simple and safe.

What will be the change to the mall if accepting bitcoin payments?

Suitable for any mall and retail store.

We provide API interface, integrated into your existing mall system, it can generate a link or QR code for customers to pay Bitcoin, simple and fast.
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Gain new customers, enhance the visibility of enterprises.

Bitcoin is an emerging market, one of the earliest-born and most well-known decentralized digital currencies. People with Bitcoin are looking for ways to consume it. By accepting Bitcoin payments, merchants will not only gain new customers, but also enhance the visibility of enterprises. Company accepts new payment methods and new technology, which can prove that they are a company that keeps pace with the times.

No handling fee

Because Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, Because Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency. There is no bank, the transaction is confirmed by public accounting, and then the payer pays the miner's fee (accounting fee), so receiving the Bitcoin payment does not require a handling fee.

Convenient cross-border payment, no limit

No matter which part of the world pays bitcoin, it will be paid between 2 minutes to 6 hours, and there is no limit. The French currency will have to wait for three working days before it arrives to account, and there is an additional international transfer fee.

Change into French currency at any time

The received bitcoin can be sold on our platform at any time and converted into French currency. We will have the function of selling the Bitcoin online automatically. When we receive the Bitcoin, we will immediately submit the order for selling the Bitcoin and convert it into French currency in time.

How do customers evaluate?

B. app can use the QR code and the wallet address to transfer bitcoin. It is very convenient and we can experience shopping with Bitcoin, very good.
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Hu *Bin

In an online store, you can use Bitcoin to pay for the projector you like and it is cheaper than paying with RMB. Just use to scan and finish paying with Bitcoin, it is quite easy and cool.
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Xu *Wei

Since my store connected to 's api, to receive bitcoin payments, we have increase a lot of new customers, great!
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Anna Pretty

About Us is a wallet that can pay bitcoins, buy bitcoins, and manage bitcoins. It has three characteristics: one second to account, zero handling fee, simple and safe. We are committed to providing safe and fast bitcoin payment for users, and provide api technology solutions, suitable for any merchant to access Bitcoin payments.

API Documentation